My son would have been alive if there was an ambulance!



Chris Haidas, 28, was “lost” on duty in the fire of Elefsina on 20th June. Tears of frustration and pain for the family roll for the 20th of June that will never go out of their minds. “I know that when my son was found at the location of the fire, with the truck that came with the Prefect of Attica Vasilis Papageorgiou, he came out to help his colleagues. He was very conscientious and loved the Fire Brigade. He had been serving it for 4 years, the last year he was a driver”, says the father of the 28 year-old man, who met with an untimely death.
“On that day, when he was found there and saw the fire, he immediately ran to help putting out the fire. At that point, as I was informed, there was intense smoke from the grass and the various flammable materials burning: tires and whatever else was delivered to the flames“, he notes with difficulty, describing the last moments of his son: “My son, with courage, left the vehicle in a safe place and headed to the front. The strong wind that prevailed in the region resulted in dense clouds of smoke that covered him.”

His voice “breaks”. Mr. Theodore bends from the unbearable burden referring to his favorite son in past tense … “As his colleagues said, he began to run to avoid the thick smoke, he lost his balance and fell but he got up and continued running towards his car. He walked in, but then he fainted “, says Chris Haida’s father and he denounces with anger that his son would have been alive today if there was an ambulance: “I impeach that if there was at least one ambulance at the fire, my child would have been alive today. My son was brought to Thriasio hospital without having his senses by a colleague of his. As his colleague said to me, until a few minutes before arriving at the hospital, he had a pulse.”

The absence of his son is strong. The desperate father holds his child’s clothes. Whatever reminds him of his son is “far more valuable” for his crumbled heart: “Even his clothes have a smell of smoke. My child fought with the fire. That was what he had learned to do, that was what he finally did. But he was choked by the smoke and eventually died, not because of a dangerous fire, but due to the negligence of the competent authorities”…

The funeral of the unfortunate firefighter was held yesterday at 11.00 am in the cemetery of St. Anargyroi. Condolences to his family were sent by the President of the Republic Carolos Papoulias, and yesterday their house in Sepolia was visited by the chief of the Fire Department Panagiotis Bonatsos, in order to offer his condolences to the whole family.

Translation – Corresponder for, Stella Zarganis

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