Photos and Videos from Patras huge forest fire



Photostory by Mallios Alexander
Translated by Stella Zarganis

At the dawn of Wednesday, July 18 at about 02:30, a fire broke out in the village of Sella in the east of Patras. In the area, the wind was strong and the fire was immediately blown out of proportion. Meanwhile, the fire forces of the region had just got out of another fire in Chalandritsa, not having the majority of their fire trucks withdrawn from there.

The fire directly threatened the village. The firefighters’ main concern was to protect the houses, which was done. Nevertheless, the fire was not interrupted and continued going towards the village of Argyra, passing through it. The situation then was out of control, and the front passed through the second village and continued heading northwest to the village of Platani and west to Ano Kastritsi.

It was dawn and the fire approached the village of Platani and Ano Kastritsi. Then, a helicopter S-64 and four Canadair aircrafts were thrown into battle. The ground forces were strengthened during the day from almost the whole mainland of Greece, having colleagues from Serres to be the ones who traveled the most!
Unfortunately the winds remained strong throughout the day so the fire did not stop in Platani. It continued going west to Kato Kastritsi where it entered the courtyards of the houses. Thanks to the efforts of residents, firefighters and aircrafts, the destruction of a house was avoided.

However, the chase did not end. The course of the fire continued north and crossed the Platani, threatened the settlement of Tseleika and ended up in Drepano, while to the west it reached Magoula. On Wednesday night, homes in the village of Tseleika and Drepano were still threatened. Then the fire continued to move on steep slopes away from settlements.

The efforts of the firefighters showed results the next day that it became possible to put the fire under partial control. It is worth noting that the number of water fire vehicles involved in the fighting was over 70, an unprecedented number for the region. The hiker departments which were involved, were from the local sixth EMAK and the first EMAK of Athens and the fifth of Ioannina. In some moments, there were two s-64 helicopters and 6 canadair , when no one was missing for refueling.
Fire trucks and water carriers of the armed forces, voluntary groups, private water wagons and those of the Local Government, gave valuable assistance to the fire department.

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Photostory and Videos for, Alexander Mallios
Translated in English by Stella Zarganis

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