Presentation of Poseidon FRS Service Station



FRS Service Station With A Vision

Poseidon Service Station has a service strategy with a vision. The basis of this vision lies in the quality of our people and organization. We have been investing in qualified technicians, modern workshops and skilled back office personnel, to offer you high-quality, integrated inspection services for the last 35 years.

Qualified Technicians 24/7

Our Service Team has the longest practical experience in the marine-safety category and follows regular training courses to remain updated in all aspects of FRS service. Most importantly our technicians understand the importance of possible risks on board and know what is expected from them to ensure safety for themselves, your crew and your assets. 

Moreover, working on a rolling and continuous schedule, our organization is standing by to support your emerging needs whenever you call our port.

Innovative Workshop

In a constant quest of perfection, our service station was fully renovated in 2015 and re-equipped with the latest technological equipment. Today our workshop meets the highest business standards on a European level, using high edge technology to ensure rapid and reliable maintenance of safety equipment.

We also understand that your time is valuable. Therefore we do our utmost to ensure that the landed equipment returns to vessel without delay. Stocking a wide range of original spare parts for the FRS products most commonly used onboard of commercial vessels helps us to ensure that you will continue to operate without delay.

It goes without saying that we conform to all industrial and marine standards, ISO 9001:2000 certification is our benchmark, whilst we are certified from major Classification Societies such as BV, DNV-GL, Lloyds Register, NKK, RINA, and ABS.

Integrated Services

Our service portfolio covers with a 360-approach all your needs for mandatory Firefighting, Rescue and Safety maintenance. More specifically we cover:


  • Inspection of all types of fire extinguishers
  • Inspection of fixed fire suppression systems
  • Repair / refill / hydro testing
  • Foam sample analyses


  • Inspection of all brands and types of life rafts and MES
  • Inspection of rescue boats & davits
  • Inspection of lifejackets & immersion suits
  • Inspection of hospital resuscitation
  • Refill / hydro testing of oxygen bottles


  • Calibration of portable gas detectors & fixed systems
  • Inspection of breathing apparatuses & EEBDs
  • Refill / hydro testing of air cylinders
  • Inspection / repair of air compressors
  • Air purity test according to EN12021
  • Inspection of fireman’s outfits and gas tight chemical suits
  • Inspection of temperature & pressure equipment
  • Inspection of UTI & MMC



Global Support

Our field service engineers form a “flying squad” to help you with on spot service of all portable firefighting equipment, fixed fire suppression, smoke detection and gas detection systems. This ability for onboard service of your vessel’s firefighting equipment on a worldwide level has been a flexible solution to the prediction of costs for our clients for decades.

Poseidon Marine Safety
Almyridos 6-8 & Mykalis, 18540 Piraeus
0030 2104225930

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