We are LIFEGUARD HELLAS, we save lives



We are a big family, fully trained, with the correct equipment and strong bases. We share our passion for what we do, we serve it humbly.

Our decision, to go to Lesvos Island in order to assist with the tragic situation which is taking place, was instantly accepted by our lifeguards …INSTANTLY , without second thoughts. Our first team of 12 trained lifeguards and kindly donated equipment, medical supplies and life saving materials will arrive on the island of Mytilene on the 9th of November. It is our goal to have rolling teams operating on the island for as long as it is needed and our funds will allow.

We are proud of our team, but also deeply thankful to all of you, people we may or may not know who with their phone calls and messages, support us, provide us help, solutions and equipment. We are happy that from all over the world, from England and all the way to America and from Holland and all the way to Australia, you have embraced our initiative.
We derive our strength from every single one of you, and every hour that passes we realise how extremely important it is to not forget our humanity …. Whoever has seen, even just one of these babies that did not make it in this journey … He or she can understand.

We are a non Governmental organisation, we are not subsidised, we are a lifeguard school and our team of volunteers, Safe & Rescue by Lifeguard Hellas, will provide our services. 


Source: www.lifeguardhellas.gr

Url for charity : http://www.leetchi.com/c/money-pot-lifeguard-hellas-rescue-team

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