Released under certain conditions, after the 12 hour apology



Mitilini. Almost 12 hours lasted the apology of the five arrested for the accusation of intension for facilitating the illegal entry of refugees in the country and possession of weapons.

The five arrested (working with two NGOs operating with refugees) were released on bail. The interrogator and the district attorney agreed on a 5.000 Euros bail for each one of the four arrested volunteers. The fifth arrested volunteer, one of the two from Denmark, had to pay a bail of 10.000 Euros. Also he is not allowed to leave the country and he must go to the Mitilini’s police station once a week.

Solidarity slogans

Volunteers from all over the world (locals and foreigners) greeted the released volunteers with solidarity cues. Three members of the governing party SYRIZA (Vasiliki Katrivanou, Panos Labrou and the member of the Greek Parliament Giorgos Pallis), were also outside of the courthouse supporting the arrested volunteers.

Members from a team called “Coexistence and Communication at the Aegean Sea” stated “We stand with solidarity with the arrested volunteers and we are expecting from the Greek Government and Justice considering their help with the rescue of human souls to relieve them from these accusations and to let them continue with their rescues.”

Translated in English for, Panayiotis Koilakos


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