Hellenic Rescue Days 2014



A&K Risk Management Consulting Company organizes the 4th Seminar “Hellenic Rescue Days 2014” in Athens in spring 2014, co-organized with the Weber Rescue®.

A&K Risk Management Consulting Company is officially authorized by Weber Rescue® to organize the respective rescue seminars in Greece using the rescue hydraulic tools and the expertise that has been developed in Germany and Austria in the international seminar Rescue Days in collaboration with certified instructors.

This seminar is the fourth to be held in Greece and aims to present Weber Rescue hydraulic rescue tools used for traffic accidents and extrication by firefighters, but also techniques used by rescuers Volunteers & Professionals. At this seminar what is to be delivered is practical technical training for rescue tools, know how, use & operation of new vehicle technologies, and the risks posed to the safety of rescue.

Trainers of practical seminars are all certified by organizations and services to the subject they teach and most of them come from the Hellenic Fire Brigade. The trainees will test their knowledge during this practical seminar, but also their endurance in complex scenarios such as caging that occurs after traffic accidents and will be evaluated and reviewed at the end of the event for confirmation of their education. Trainees must be all equipped with personal protection as well as have proper fitness in order to participate. Moreover, and in order to achieve the best possible results, a maximum number of trainees is set to 20 people per course ( ie 4 groups of 5 persons ) and will be trained in two days (Saturday & Sunday ).

Source : www.rescuedays.org


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