Voluntary Forest Protection Team of Vironas Municipality



The Voluntary forest protection team of Vironas Municipality started in 1985 by some sensitized people with limited means and a tent as a center. They were only motivated by their love for the forest and its protection.

In 1986 till 1990 the team had begun to grow up, as a result, the team started to take part in many forest fire put outs with a unique way. The team was responsible for coordinating  the manning of all water tanker trucks from all the neighboring municipalities with volunteers, the direct cooperation with the Forest Firefighting Department who was also responsible for the first group seminars, and finally help in extinguishing  forest fires.
In 1991 the group has acquired a very good reputation throughout Attica and having as a criterion its staff capacity, spirit and by its uniqueness they settled in cooperation with Vironas Municipality the ‘’Center of Forest Protection and Natural environment ‘’ of Vironas Municipality ” (Public Entity).

The first Board of Directors decided to split the group into two sub-groups: the “Forest Protection” and “Emergency Response Team”. The increased need in forest firefighting made the training of several members in firefighting compulsory. Since then the Centre of Forest Protection and Nature has two separate, but fully & directly, related sub teams.

The “Forest Protection team” main scope is the protection of forests from fires, throwing rubble, the protection of flora and fauna and the general prevention and monitoring of forest wealth.
This is accomplished by the Forest Protection Volunteers, who after seminars on first aid, forest fires generally and in areas where their presence is needed, they are ready to cover specific areas in plots with all necessary telecommunications equipment and make the appropriate moves when necessary to preserve the environment and humans.

Volunteer of the forest protection team can be everyone over 16 years old.
The “Emergency Response Team” due to the surcharge in areas with increased hazard has a particular structure and hierarchy. The team is composed of a leader, the sub-leaders and members. The events that the “Emergency Response Team” manages are forest fires of all types, urban fires (as a contribution to the local Fire Service department), earthquakes (search and rescue as a contribution to Hellenic Fire Corps), floods (pumping water out of buildings) – Search & Rescue (Lost people in the mountain), traffic accidents (first aid – rescue – extrication- traffic advise), assistance (cutting fallen trees from winds – rescue animals, etc.).

To achieve these fire & rescue operations the “Emergency Response Team” is composed with experienced members trained in seminars at regular intervals.
These seminars are conducted by officers of the Hellenic Fire Corps, the National Center of Emergency Respond and other certified organizations, or even by other members who are certified according to their specialty.
In the “Emergency Response Team” co-exist harmoniously Volunteer Forest firefighters, Firefighters and Pre-hospital trauma life supporters.
Volunteer forest firefighters are fully experienced in forest fires & rescue operations with several years of duty.

Many of our members are also volunteers in the local professional firefighting department with 2 to 6 years experience, and many of them are certified with PHTLS (Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support) a 3-year certification of worldwide level.

To meet the needs in infrastructure, Municipality of Vironas equipped the “Center of Forest Protection and Natural Environment ”  with equipment strictly under fire regulations. Telecommunications equipment, medical – rescue equipment, fire-fighting equipment, personal protective clothing and  all the necessary means for a successful and efficient discharge of the work of volunteers.

The “Center of Forest Protection and Natural Environment of Vironas” is considered as the most organized and professionally trained, Non-profitable group in Greece in the field of those operations.

Source: www.forestservice.gr

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