Under partial control the wildfire on Rhodes



The firemen are fighting a wildfire that broke out on South Rhodes this Saturday. The blaze threatened houses and burned some storages and other buildings.

As a precaution some settlements have been evacuated. After many hours of fighting the fire and after the wind force decreased the firefighters managed to set under partial control fires near the villages of Istrio, Monolitho and Sianna, as the deputy mayor of civil protection, Agapitos Pallas, stated in “Rodiaki” newspaper.

The firefighting airplanes will keep on flying till the sunset and the Fireservice’s and ETAIPROFYKA’S forest firefighters division, the volunteer teams, civilians and heavy duty vehicles will fight the fire all night long and till the fire is under control. According to the extent of the fire, deputy Mayor, Agapitos Pallas, stated in “Rodiaki” newspaper: “It was a very tough fire incident for the island of Rhodes. The fire was burning a big area and with high speed winds and that’s why it was hard to put the fire out. Regions from Apolakkia till Skiadi and Istrio, were burning. A big area is completely burned but we will consider that after extinguish the fire completely.”

Earlier today the deputy district commissioner of Dodekanisa, Xaralabos Kokkinos, made an adjuration for help to all emergency services in Rhodes. The deputy district commissioner asked all the heavy duty vehicle’s owners and the certified Civil Protection volunteers to help the fire service of Rhodes in fighting the blaze.

For more information they may call the phone number 2241360575 which is the South Aegean District’s Civil Protection Department.

Source: www.protothema.gr
Translation for Fire.gr, Koilakos Panayiotis

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