One Quarter of Greek Island Paradise of Elafonisos Scorched in Blaze


Greek authorities say that almost one quarter of the island of Elafonisos in the southern Peloponnese was burned from the wildfire which raged for two days over the weekend. The fire service announced that the blaze was finally put out late on Sunday, after it had already burned approximately 500 of the small island’s 1,800 hectares of land.

The local authorities and businesspeople have declared that the island has not only suffered an ecological disaster but will also pay a heavy financial price for the fire, since thousands of tourists left in panic over the weekend. It is estimated that almost six thousand visitors abandoned the island of Elafonisos on Saturday and Sunday.

The popular camping area located at the island’s famous Simos Beach was evacuated as a precaution. The Panagia area was also evacuated.


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