Moditech Rescue Solutions CRS: An innovation in extrication


Moditech Rescue Solutions BV is a company specialized in automotive data for the worldwide rescue industry and also the company which launched the Crash Recovery System (CRS). CRS is a system used from the Fire & Rescue Services as well as from Road Assistance all around the world and helps rescuers to perform a safer and more effective extrication.

The founder of the company and of the CRS is Mr. Jan Mooij. He, literally, grew up into cars because of the fact that his parents were working for a car company. He started his career for an American company which was producing a laser measuring system for car collision repairs. After he read an article in a newspaper which was mentioning that firefighters had trouble extricating people because of all the different airbags in the cars he came up with the idea of the CRS. That’s how the Crash Recovery system was born. Mr. Mooij was also a volunteer firefighter for one year.

Firefighters are using the CRS. Source:

But how does CRS work?

According to the company because of the evolving of the car technologies there is a need for a system that supports the rescue personnel to achieve the highest safety conditions. In close coordination with all the major car companies, CRS is providing information to the rescuers about the different safety restraint systems that every car has such as seatbelts, airbags as well as the pollution reduction systems.

In other words, the CRS just… know what’s inside the car. It provides information about the airbags, the airbag’s inflators, the belt pretensioners, the crash sensors, the fuel tank, etc., as well as information about special systems presented only in trucks and buses. Except from that it provides information about the deactivation procedures of the hybrid car’s systems. Rescue personnel can just touch a component of their choice in the CRS diagram and have all the information that is necessary.

Screenshot of the CRS for a Nissan car. Source:

Of course the CRS databases are updated regularly and for the region of Europe these databases include information about hybrid buses, touring cars and trucks. The best thing is that firefighters can have the CRS with them everywhere in a portable electronic device which uses any modern platform Android, iOS and Windows and it is available in 18 different languages but Greek is not one for them.

If there is an interest from the Greek Fire & Rescue Services or Car Assistance a Greek edition may be created. Unfortunately there is no distributor in Greece yet but interested fire departments can contact Moditech directly. Moditech’s innovations are keep on coming considering that Moditech’s programmers are working on a 3-demensional version too.

A closer perspective of the CRS.

More information for the CRS and Moditech you can find in their site: or you can contact the company directly via e-mail:

Article for, Panayiotis Koilakos

Special thanks to Mr. Banos Simon for all the help provided

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