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For 108 years the Austrian family business ESKA has specialized in the development and manufacturing of gloves. Creating uncompromising protection against heat and cuts, and absolute hygiene, careful workmanship by master craftsmen has led to the fact that firefighters from Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia cannot go without the ESKA brand if they want to reliably protect their hands. The Upper Austrian company has long applied this successful concept to gloves for technical assistance and occupational safety. Police officers, soldiers and authorities from all over the world rely on quality products from ESKA in order to be optimally equipped to fulfil their duties.

From vision to mission

‘The hands are among the most important tools of the human body. To protect them in the best possible way was the vision of our company founder over 100 years ago. We are happy to carry this motto into the future,’ says Managing Director Paul Loos, who is a fourth generation family member to lead the company. The vision has long since become a successful mission. The glove manufacturers from Austria keep going down paths that no one has trodden before, pushing the boundaries of manufacturing and craftmanship leaving lasting traces around the globe. In the case of firefighting gloves in Australia, ESKA has a market share of around 80% bringing the design of the Fire Industry gloves into the 21st Century. And the trend is rising! ESKA is one of the few glove manufacturers worldwide and the only one in Austria that still trains apprentices and skilled workers. The company headquarters is also the competence centre for research and development.

When passion meets dexterity: CEO and glove manufacturer Paul Loos senior is the only one who still trains apprentices and skilled workers.
When passion meets dexterity: CEO and glove manufacturer Paul Loos senior is the only one who still trains apprentices and skilled workers.

Innovation to creation

Firefighter and emergency-service gloves must guarantee protection and comfort even under extreme conditions. For this reason, ESKA has developed its own work and cut protection programme, which is constantly being refined in cooperation with customers and suppliers. ‘An important part of our job is to know countries’ specific needs and standards. Every glove is meticulously and precisely quality checked at our company headquarters in Thalheim near Wels before it is shipped worldwide,’ emphasises the company boss. Production takes place in our certified manufacturing facilities in Austria and Hungary, with 99% of the materials coming from Europe. ‘We trust in the creativity of our employees and benefit from the in-house sewing shop as well as the proximity to our suppliers,’ says Loos. This success proves that Loos and his team of 30 employees are right in every respect. Patents, certification certificates, and international awards underline ESKA’s path as an innovation driver in the industry.

Homemade quality assurance

In order to ensure the enduring quality of firefighter gloves, employees are regularly trained in understanding the latest worldwide standards and requirements. The raw materials are inspected in-house and by independent, accredited testing institutes to ensure the upmost quality. From cutting to size, packaging, each individual production cut is subject to continuous quality controls and inspections. Regular internal and external audits of the production facilities supplement ESKA’s package of quality-assurance measures and ensure that our customers receive nothing but the best. ‘The memory of bad quality lasts longer than the joy of low price,’ ESKA Sales Manager Raimund Sekyra is certain.

Gloves for all circumstances

When it comes to beautiful and warm hands in one’s leisure time, ESKA is once again at the forefront. From sporty fashionable gloves to glamour models, anything is possible. Skiers, snowboarders and hikers love the extra warmth of gloves and mittens offered by ESKA. Multifunctional materials and a cool design are the ingredients of our recipe for success. The large family of gloves is completed by motorcycle gloves, which are exported as far as Taiwan.

ESKA product groups:

  • PROFESSIONAL: Fire brigade, technical assistance, industrial safety, police, public authority and military gloves.
  • LUXURY: Elegant leather gloves.
  • SPORTS: Gloves for winter sports, mountaineering, cycling, motorcycling and multifunctional gloves.

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